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Revised ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule Breaks Little New Ground

The Education Department released a revised “gainful employment” rule late Thursday, a little less than two years after a federal judge threw out the original measure, calling portions of it “arbitrary.” The new proposal hews closely to a draft version rejected by a rule-making committee in December, judging for-profit and vocational programs based on their … Continue reading

U. of Texas Unveils a New Tool for Judging a Degree’s Worth

The University of Texas system is posting a new online database on Thursday where current and prospective students can compare the salaries, student-loan debts, and job prospects for people in hundreds of majors and occupations. The seekUT website has data on 68,000 alumni who graduated from 2007 to 2011 and remained in Texas. It includes … Continue reading

Is College Worth It? 2 New Reports Say Yes (Mostly)

In recent years, folks as different as Mitt Romney, Peter Thiel, William J. Bennett, and the disaffected people of the Occupy movement started turning their attention to the cost of college—and the underlying question always seemed to be whether college was still worth its cost. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that … Continue reading

Earnings Gap Narrows, but College Education Still Pays

The earnings gap between young college graduates and their peers with only high-school diplomas has narrowed slightly in recent years, but adults with bachelor’s degrees still make significantly more over their careers, according to a report released on Monday by the College Board. The expansive triennial report, “Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education … Continue reading