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20 Colleges and Universities Launch Innovative Orientation Activities to Retain STEM Students

As this academic year begins, 20 higher education institutions are welcoming their incoming students in a unique way as part of a national STEM initiative called #uifresh (University Innovation Freshmen). Through this initiative, participating institutions are exposing incoming freshmen to design thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation in order to attract and retain more students in STEM … Continue reading

A Human Needs a Large Hole in The Head – To Be Smart

The intelligence of animals can be estimated by the size of the holes in the skull which the arteries pass through, according to novel research by biologists at the University of Adelaide. The scientists found that the connection between intelligence and hole size results from brain activity being related to brain metabolic rate – and … Continue reading

Cramming for Degrees in Hybrids

Like many college students, Katherine Bovee, a master’s degree candidate at Ohio State University in Columbus, struggled to find a focus for her undergraduate studies. Wanting to sample a broad range of possibilities, she enrolled in a mechanical engineering program. As of her junior year she still hadn’t found the direction she was looking for, but things … Continue reading

Seven States to Share Almost $200 Million in Education Grants

Seven states that narrowly lost out in last year’s Race to the Top school improvement competition will share nearly $200 million in the latest round of winners announced Thursday by federal education officials. The states were awarded the grants to improve student achievement with plans that include developing teacher and principal evaluation systems and expanding … Continue reading

California Teachers Lack the Resources and Time to Teach Science

At some Los Angeles elementary schools, teachers have drastically cut time for science because of pressure to focus on reading and math. If they can incorporate science into class time, they say they mostly have to buy their own supplies. And educators from the state’s high-tech epicenter of Silicon Valley say some students come to … Continue reading

Online-Mentor Program Raises Retention of At-Risk Science Students

For 13 years, Mary F. Fernández has advised college students studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. But when she hears from them, it’s usually about more than just picking classes or handling a course load. Take the student she mentored this past academic year, a Ph.D. candidate in biological engineering from Ghana, studying at an … Continue reading

New Approach Proposed for Science Curriculum

A new framework for improving American science education calls for paring the curriculum to focus on core ideas and teaching students more about how to approach and solve problems rather than just memorizing factual nuggets. “That is the failing of U.S. education today, that kids are expected to learn a lot of things but not … Continue reading