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Graduate-School Debt Is Raising Questions About Degrees’ Worth

When Abigail B. Williams first started graduate school, debt wasn’t on her mind. Like growing numbers of students beginning graduate programs, she arrived with student-loan debt already, having borrowed thousands of dollars to pay for her undergraduate education. But that didn’t deter her from taking out more loans. At the time, in her early 20s, … Continue reading

Revised ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule Breaks Little New Ground

The Education Department released a revised “gainful employment” rule late Thursday, a little less than two years after a federal judge threw out the original measure, calling portions of it “arbitrary.” The new proposal hews closely to a draft version rejected by a rule-making committee in December, judging for-profit and vocational programs based on their … Continue reading

Why Men Are More Likely to Drop Out

As student debt levels continue to rise, more college students are facing a critical decision: Borrow more or drop out? Men and women appear to be reaching different conclusions. Moderate levels of debt can actually help students graduate by allowing them to work less and study more. But beyond a certain point, the relationship breaks … Continue reading