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Senators Call for a Tougher ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule

Tossing off phrases like “national scandal,” “scammed,” and “worst of the worst” to describe for-profit colleges that they said take advantage of students, four U.S. senators on Thursday called on the Department of Education to beef up its proposed “gainful employment” rule. The senators appeared at a news conference here with several students at for-profit … Continue reading

President to Ease Student Loan Burden for Low-Income Graduates

President Obama will announce new programs [today] to lower monthly loan payments for some students graduating next year and thereafter and to let borrowers who have a mix of direct federal loans and loans under the old Federal Family Education Loan Program consolidate them at a slightly lower interest rate. At a press briefing Tuesday afternoon, … Continue reading

At One Community College, Students Will Need a Budget to Get a Loan

Starting this fall, Virginia’s Tidewater Community College won’t disburse federal loans to students until they submit a detailed budget with their loan-repayment plans. The college’s new policy—which supplements existing federal requirements for student borrowers, such as entrance and exit counseling—adds steps that Tidewater officials hope will help students make smarter decisions when taking out loans. … Continue reading