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Business School Offers Case Study for Tenure Debate

Nearly 40 years have passed since James C. Wetherbe worked his way through graduate school by maintaining campus computer systems. Yet some of what he heard from tenured professors back then remains stuck in his craw. He recalls having the exchanges in the middle of his workdays as director of computer services at Texas Tech … Continue reading

Tenure Decisions at Southern Cal Strongly Favor White Men, Data in a Rejected Candidate’s Complaint Suggest

A female professor at the University of Southern California has filed a federal discrimination complaint against the institution, saying that the decision this year to deny her tenure fits a longstanding pattern in the university’s humanities and social-sciences departments of promoting white men at much higher rates than women and members of minority groups. Mai’a … Continue reading

California Bucks U.S. Trend on Teacher Evaluations

About two-thirds of states have made significant changes in teacher evaluations in the last two years, with many for the first time taking into account student achievement in such high-stakes decisions as granting tenure protections and dismissing instructors for poor performance. California is a notable exception. Critics insist the state is trailing the nation in … Continue reading