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Texas’ Bid to Ease Mandatory Exams for Public School Students

Despite sharply reducing state testing requirements for Texas high school students, the 83rd Legislature brought only conditional relief from high-stakes exams for students in lower grades, who take a total of 17 state tests before going to high school. For parents and educators who want less time spent on state exams in elementary and middle … Continue reading

Why ‘Fisher’ Means More Work for Colleges

In Fisher v. University of Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a decades-old principle that colleges and universities may use race-conscious affirmative-action plans in order to enroll a diverse student body. To consider race in admissions, however, institutions must prove to courts that race-neutral alternatives—such as relying on socioeconomic status or where students live—will not … Continue reading

Texas Ponders Who Will Replace a Governor Who Shook Up Higher Education

The nation’s longest-serving sitting governor, who appointed every current college and university regent across Texas while pushing for cheaper degrees and a more business-oriented approach toward higher education, announced on Monday that he would not seek a fourth term. Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement prompted speculation about what changes a new governor might bring to a … Continue reading

Texas Takes Steps to Streamline the Path to a College Degree

Texas officials will soon be nipping at the heels of students who, because of scheduling snafus or shifting career goals, are taking too long to graduate—or not graduating at all. Legislation signed into law this year will require all students to file degree plans after completing 45 semester hours of courses. Students who were tempted … Continue reading

Universities Offer New Opportunity to High School Students

To lawmakers — at least those who know about it — the addition tacked onto an omnibus public education accountability bill in the 2009 legislative session is known as the “Doogie Howser” or the “Let My People Go” amendment. It laid the groundwork for a new option for high school students eager to head to … Continue reading