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Cell Phones in Class: A Student Survey

Cell phones in the classroom—it’s a topic that generates much consternation among faculty. Are policies that prohibit their use enforceable? Are students texting in class? If so, how many? If a student is texting, does that distract other students? Are students using their phones to cheat? Are there any ways cell phones can be used … Continue reading

Duz Txting Hurt Yr Kidz Gramr? Absolutely, a New Study Says

“Wud u lk 2 meet me 4 brgr 2nite?” If you’ve ever looked at a teenager’s text message and thought it looked more like a kindergartener’s scrawl, you might not be far off. Middle school students who frequently use “tech-speak”—omitting letters to shorten words and using homophone symbols, such as @ for “at” or 2nite … Continue reading

Teaching to the Text Message

When I first read this, I really wasn’t so sure about the implications and possibilities. I let it sit for awhile and since then, my subconscious has come up with a number of possibilities that I feel comfortable to try in my sociology courses. Getting students to really think about their writing and write something … Continue reading