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Get Your College Education Here, Prices Slashed

Betsy Fleming, channeling the late management guru Peter Drucker, says there are two crimes in business: Pretending to cost more than you do, and buying customers. “Colleges are in the business of doing both,” says Ms. Fleming, president of Converse College, a women’s institution in South Carolina. “We are not going to do that anymore.” … Continue reading

Colleges Making Big Moves to Battle Tuition Increases

Given continual tuition hikes, students and parents are feeling the weight of an increase in debt and the panic from a decrease in cash. Students aren’t the only ones feeling the financial pain. Hikes in tuition are negatively impacting colleges and universities across the country, as well. In an outlook report released in January, Moody’s … Continue reading

Looking Out of State For What California Once Offered

Many moons ago, I went to California public schools, then on to a community college and later got my degree from a state university. And I can tell you we had some complaints. They weren’t using enough turf builder on the outfield grass. The band instruments had been around a few years. And the San … Continue reading

Surge in Number of Indian Students Heading to Canadian Colleges

Canada, which has long promoted its eagerness to attract foreigners, is experiencing a surge in the number of Indian students heading there for higher education. Besides the country’s positive attitude toward outsiders, the chief attractions for Indian students are the lower costs for both tuition and living expenses, in addition to its lenient visa requirements, … Continue reading

New Report Looks at Impact of Recession on College-Going

Despite the recession from December 2007 to June 2009, college enrollment increased, and more students were drawn to community colleges, according to a new report. The South experienced the greatest boost among high school students going to college, and even private colleges weren’t hit particularly hard, with enrollment remaining steady. The report, “National Postsecondary Enrollment Trends: … Continue reading

A College Education for All, Free and Online

All around the world, people have been waiting for someone like Shai Reshef to come along. Reshef is the founder and president of the University of the People, a tuition-free online institution that enrolled its first class of students in 2009. UoPeople strives to serve the vast numbers of students who have no access to … Continue reading

Second Round of Tuition Hikes Likely at UC and Cal State Systems

Students at the University of California and Cal State University systems are likely to face a second round of tuition hikes this fall in response to deeper funding cuts in the new state budget, officials and student leaders said Wednesday. Discussions are underway for tuition increases of at least 10%. That hike would come on top of … Continue reading

Supreme Court Allows California to Grant In-State Tuition to Illegal Immigrants

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to California’s policy of granting reduced, in-state tuition at its colleges and universities to graduates of its high schools who are illegal immigrants. The justices turned down an appeal from lawyers for a conservative immigration-law group that contended “preferential treatment” for illegal immigrants violated federal immigration law. … Continue reading