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As California Goes, So Goes the Nation?

This fall Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills that could greatly improve the lives of women in California higher education, and serve as a model for the nation. Seeking to lessen the ambiguity that plagues sexual-assault investigations, the “yes means yes” law made California the first state to set a clear definition of when people … Continue reading

Apprenticeship Programs Draw National Spotlight but Not Women

Apprenticeship programs that train workers for well-paying, high-demand jobs have benefited in recent weeks from an infusion of federal money and pledges of support from the president and vice president. But they’re still short on one thing: women. Women account for fewer than 5 percent of the apprentices in many of the nation’s job-training programs, … Continue reading

40 Years of Title IX: Leadership Matters for Women in Academe

Today’s commentary is by Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh who is dean of women’s affairs at Indiana University at Bloomington. In August she will become vice president for equity and inclusion at the University of Oregon. Forty years ago this month, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 became law, requiring an end to gender discrimination in … Continue reading

The Depressing Truth About Why Women Need College Degrees

Since the early 1980s, more women than men have enrolled in college, and since 1996, women have earned more bachelor’s degrees. Now, a new survey from the Pew Research Center may reveal why women are more likely to go to college: they need the degree to overcome the sexism of the working world. Although the majority of Americans … Continue reading

Wanted: Technical Women

Especially at a time when unemployment is high and our economy is weak, we cannot afford to lose anyone with the technical skills to create a sustainable future, improve health, build our cyber and physical infrastructure, and enhance personal and societal security. A diverse set of minds needs to tackle those problems. But we are … Continue reading

Instead of Work, Younger Women Head to School

Workers are dropping out of the labor force in droves, and they are mostly women. In fact, many are young women. But they are not dropping out forever; instead, these young women seem to be postponing their working lives to get more education. There are now — for the first time in three decades — … Continue reading