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Giving Employers What They Don’t Really Want

Often what we think other people think is not what they think. For example, Michael Barnes and I conducted a study some years ago, published in theJournal of Personality and Social Psychology, on the extent to which partners in intimate relationships understood what each other wanted. We computed the correlation between what one partner actually wanted … Continue reading

Improving Labor Market Outcomes at Community Colleges

Community colleges are in a key position to move the needle on employment. This is because the strength of local economies and the productivity of employers has a lot to do with the quality of the workforce, and the quality of the workforce has a lot to do with how people are being trained, educated, … Continue reading

Baby Boomer College Program Reaches Completion Goal Early

A national program to help students age 50 and older returning to college train for new jobs has reached its goals two years ahead of schedule and is revving up to help more people. Nearly 9,300 student baby boomers were assisted in the last two years by the 18 colleges participating in the Plus 50 Completion … Continue reading

Funding Focused on Helping Adults Acquire Skills For Jobs

It’s been a promising week for programs that train adults to help them acquire the skills and credentials to attain better-paying jobs. On Wednesday, the U.S. Labor Department announced $500 million in grants to community colleges to train unemployed individuals for careers in high-growth fields, such as health care, information technology and advanced manufacturing. On the same day, Jobs for the … Continue reading

Discussing College Options May Help Close The Skills Gap

Today we have commentary from Thomas Snyder who is president of Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. When faced with a challenge as daunting as our nation’s skills gap, it’s tempting to believe the solution lies in broad, sweeping initiatives requiring significant investments of time and resources—and it’s true that there are few easy answers. However, one key … Continue reading

Why California Community Colleges Must Succeed

Imagine a state that generates a gross domestic product (GDP) that would make it the 9th largest economy in the world. A state that has seen tremendous population growth in the last 25 years, skyrocketing property values and is home to some of the best known tech firms and entertainment celebrities. Now imagine that this … Continue reading

The Undereducated American

A new study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce confirms that over the past 30 years, the demand for college-educated workers has outpaced supply, resulting in economic output below potential and growing income inequality. The current recession and grudging recovery, however, hides the fact that we are underproducing college graduates. “The data are … Continue reading

Expand California Private Higher Education To Avoid Workforce Crisis

California must turn to non-profit and for-profit private colleges and universities to meet the future demand for a more educated workforce, a new report urges. With state schools over capacity and crippled by budget cuts, the slate of recommendations includes having private schools teach classes on public campuses and state funding for non-profit private schools … Continue reading